Why Use Doyes Live Streaming Camera ?


This  Adam, from  United States. I have been engaged in living commerce for 4 years since 2018, owning 1.5M fans on Tik Tok. Spending 8 hours on live broadcasts, and preferring to share my recommended products with you guys and grow with the company. In this period, I have been thinking about one question how can I better display the details of my products to allow you to understand more? In 4 years of live streaming, I have tried mobile phones, webcams, SLR cameras, and video cameras.

When I was a newcomer to live streaming, preferred to show the detail of products by smartphone or webcams.

After I began to pursue HD images to show more detail of products, SLR cameras or video cameras catch my eye.

Compared with a professional camera, smartphones and webcams are not possessed specific functions, so you have to manually zoom in or zoom out the lens for showing the detail of the products while live streaming yourself. On the contrary, equipped with a zoomable professional camera can be satisfied with a team or a person showing more detail of products. Considering the labor cost, we didn't adopt the professional equipment in the early years. And the early cameras don't have the function of living streaming, without zooming AI autofocus, and auto framing, which couldn't provide high-quality viewing for viewers. From my understanding of living streaming, each live streaming is unique, and is an art unlike vlogs can edit or re-video. You are not willing to let your fans down when facing them.

Therefore, I got this camera born for living stream----Doyes Live streaming camera.

Doyes Live Streaming Camera

In the beginning, we tried 4K cameras, but most of the mainstream social media or pushing the streaming platform like FB YOUTUBE TIKTOK are only limited to 1080P video transmission. As we know, Vimeo provides 4K video transmission, but it is not mainstream social media.

We also wanted to try PTZoptics owning kinds of remote functions,featuring a 360° perspective and providing more creation for live streamers. Everything was well, but the price, up to $2000 and it’s not perfect autofocus made me hesitate.

MEVO, a wireless live streaming camera sold by Logitech, we tried. It solved lots of problems coming from living broadcasting, but MEVO needed to be controlled by an app. We did meet the case that some smartphones were not matched the app before living streaming. This wasted too much of our time and spirit. Therefore, we prefer the plug-and-play camera to wireless. It is crucial that possesses a stable network transmission. Wired transmission is better than wireless transmission.

In another view, video and audio design into one camera is a paradox for live streaming. MEVO displays well in audio, but doesn't deal perfectly with noise reduction and over 10'' audio transmission. For this, a 2.4G wireless collar microphone is performed greater than it. We must admit, based on 4 × optical zooms, MEVO does extremely. 

Doyes may not be the best live streaming camera, but it is the fittest live streaming camera for us. Featuring 1080P, optical zoom, autofocus,  and plug and play, Doyes's cameras do every detail to the extreme.

I still remember when I first received their email, writing "Do you want to join us to become the top 1 percent of the live streaming creator?" I couldn't understand at first, but now I can answer "Yes I do" without hesitation.