5.8G Wireless PTZ live streaming camera

Embrace the Cutting-Edge Era of Wireless Video Collaboration Now!


Hello there! Are you tired of dealing with tangled cables and restricted movement during video collaboration? Well, look no further because Doyes has just launched its cutting-edge wireless PTZ cameras: DYT-3W, DYT-10W, and DYT-20W.

These state-of-the-art cameras connect seamlessly to your PC, desktop, or laptop through a wireless dongle, harnessing the power of WiFi signals. This innovative technology minimizes cable clutter, streamlines your setup, and enhances the overall ease and naturalness of communication. This is fantastic news for anyone engaged in online work, video chats, live streaming, video conferences, and various other video collaboration scenarios.


Doyes' wireless PTZ cameras include a 5.8GHz USB dongle capable of transmitting signals up to 33 feet. Simply insert the USB dongle into your local display device and connect the camera to power via the DC port, and you'll experience optimal performance right from the start.


Our wireless PTZ camera series offers three models: DYT-3W, DYT-10W, and DYT-20W. These models provide optional 3X, 10X, and 20X optical zoom capabilities, catering to the requirements of both small and large-sized spaces.

These wireless PTZ cameras are equipped with a high-quality HD CMOS sensor featuring 2.38 MP effective pixels, ensuring the delivery of vibrant images with a remarkable 1080P resolution (at a frame rate of 60fps) and exceptional color accuracy. Moreover, these cameras support multiple encoding formats including H.264, H.265, MJPG, and YUY2, ensuring smooth and clear motion video playback even in bandwidth-constrained environments.

Elevate your video communication setup, unlock boundless possibilities for innovation and success, and step into the future of wireless video collaboration with Doyes' wireless PTZ cameras.


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