In today's education landscape, adapting to distance learning is vital. Educational institutions globally, from universities to schools, are using zoom or PTZ cameras for virtual classrooms. Despite challenges, the quest for knowledge persists. Addressing the pandemic's exposure risks is a key educational challenge. Doyes supports building a safe classroom or online education setup with zoom and PTZ conference cameras and joystick controllers.

education solution

Classroom Solution

The Doyes conferencing zoom or PTZ camera plays a vital role in distance learning. It provides a clear Full HD 1080p image quality. Connecting this USB PTZ Camera to a video communications software such as Zoom is a hassle-free process. With seamless integration, instructors can have full control of the PTZ camera, including the preset, Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions all on the Zoom control interface. The 10X zoom camera makes face to face online learning easier.

Doyes zoom camera have 2 optical zoom choices depends on your classroom size,12X zoom for small or middle room, while 20X zoom for larger classroom.

If there have many classroom, and you want to control different cameras you maybe need a ptz joystick controller together.

Remote Learning At Home

If you are a teacher no matter from school or you have a training company, you need to hold a long distance training with your students at home, to let your students have a good looking, you maybe need our ptz cameras, if you not walk, the web camera also ok.

The USB video live streaming 4K camera with USB3.0 port really easy connection, plug and play, it with 3X zoom can close up the picture,it has Pan tilt zoom which can video different angle.For better voice, you may use together with our 2.4G wireless bluetooth microphone c1 with the amazing voice .

The most importan we will offer you a free wireless mic C1 when you purchase a camera together

Open your software or you maybe use the video software such as zoom, then can start your lecture.