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Our Story

DOYES started as an online retailer dedicated to living streaming cameras and accessories. Aiming to provide the most exquisite quality live streaming experience to live streamers' audiences, our advanced products are featured in convenience and accessibility for professional live streamers and the novice.


Live streaming is growing to be popular in modern life. It not only helps businesses be competitive and educate many people wanted to be better but also is perfect for virtual events, webinars, recurring classes. And equipping with a high-quality live streaming device is able to improve efficiency as well as mix to better engage subscribers and monetize their content. Therefore, we pursue to make live streamers become more professional and provide their subscribers with a streaming visual feast.

what can we do ?

Knowledge and skill

Live streaming need enough knowledge and high skills,we will update every week and month to go further with you.


We are the central source for more than just great Live stream hardware and solution. We help you get the great skills , latest live stream platform info, and serve as advocates for better live broadcast paths and facilities in our area, too!


Every month we will chose one of our valued customers to enjoy our special gift.


We promise the safety about our products and customer informations.