As technology progresses, Doyes' HD cameras find placement in diverse healthcare settings, including medical carts and robots. This allows doctors to provide remote patient care via online video conferences, fostering doctor-patient interaction. Video cameras are steadily enhancing the landscape of telemedicine services.

Doctor Expert Video Conferencing Solution

The Doyes USB PTZ conference camera is a USB3.0 interface camera with Lan port and HDMI interface, which provides first-class HD1080P60fps images for the medical meeting, doctors can talking freely using the 360degree voice pick up conference speakerphone , consult and diagnose patients through the current high-definition camera.

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1.USB PTZ or zoom camera have 5X/12X/20X optical zoom suitable for different room size, 5X/12X zoom for small or middle room, while 20X zoom for larger room.

2. Bluetooth speakerphone, 3-5 meters voice pick up,built-in speaker and microphone together.

If the space is large, you can choose a ptz joystick controller to control your PTZ cameras which install on the wall or ceiling mounted

Joystick controller can control 255pcs cameras the same time.

2.Larger areas may require 2-3pcs SDI or IP zoom or PTZ cameras to be able to capture both the overall room and close-ups of what is happening up front.

The IP zoom or PTZ camera with the IP port which can control via IP web page, so that the doctors can control our cameras far distance.

Healthcare Online-Meeting Solution

Video Conference Camera can use USB 3.0 to connect to a computer, HDMI to your TV displayer or screen can install on the medical carts very convenient, so that the patient also can talking freely with the doctor although they are not in the same room.

For the Medical meeting, expert consultation you maybe also can together use our 360degree voice pick up microphone which built in speaker also, this solution is for transmit the audio and video the same time.

Tele-Medicine Solution for Operation

Sometimes doctor experts may not be able to go to different hospitals to guide academic exchanges and surgery,if there occur a very rare case, expert guidance from different countries is needed, then Doyes' Video ptz camera can play an important role. The 20X zoom ptz camera, can close-up the long distance image and can zoom in picture very clearly, doctor can use remote control via IP webpage to control the camera to different angle they needed can see clearly and guide the doctor in the operating room the do the operation successfully. Maybe it helping save lots of people’s lives.

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