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  • What's Included with your Doyes Product?
  • Where should I position Doyes camera?

The Basics

  • Best Ways To Set Up For A Podcast
  • Streaming Destinations


  • What are Doyes Cameras?
  • Can I Switch Between Multiple Cameras?

What's Included with your Doyes Product?

When you open the Doyes BOX you can find the below

  • Doyes Camera
  • Usb Cable
  •  DC12V Power Adapter
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • A Dust-Free Cloth<For Cleaning The Lens>
  • Round Rubber Gasket*2

Where should I position Doyes camera?

Generally speaking, the camera works best when placed about five to ten feet away from the subject (e.g., a panel discussion, a performer, etc.) Doyes Camera has a 71 degree lens . It offers wide view angles so you can position your camera close to the subject or event taking place.But we always encourage our users to position their camera as far as possible to offer their livestream participants the best seat in the house while you can use remote control the powerful zoom change . The audio solution we both offer the Doyes wireless lavalier micphone to solve the distance problem.So you do not worry about the audio bad experiences such as someone which the video and audio integrated on the same hardware.

Best Ways To Set Up For A Podcast .

Doyes cameras are perfect for podcast setups because of their Camera features such as Easy start(Just plug the USB without any drive software)Romote control(Podcasts can operate by themselves)Auto Focous(Dramatic zooms) If you have someone to control the computer manually that's a great option also because they can pick and choose which shots fit the moment best

What you'll need: *A Doyes Camera

What could help: *Table Stand or Floor Stand *2 Wireless Lavalier Mics/Wired Mics

Streaming & Recording Then of course you can choose to record to the computer/or stream your podcast live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Livestream, LinkedIn, Twitch, or Vimeo!

Graphics, Slides, Overlays If your doing a video podcast you may want to add on some graphics to really make things look professional or slides for some extra depth or clarity to the discussion. Since you can connect the cameras to your computer then you can use broadcasting software like OBS, VMix, Wirecast, and Ecamm Live. This type of software will allow you to add transitions, videos, animations, multiple cameras, complex graphics, chroma keys, and so much more.

Streaming Destinations

Below you will find each destination along with directions for each platform.


Currently, you can stream to Facebook profiles, Facebook groups, and Facebook pages. Each of these options come with their own requirements and limitations based on your role. You are also able to stream directly to Facebook using RTMPS.

With YouTube, you can stream without the need for an event or you can stream to a new event. You can also stream to an event that was created in YouTube Studio. YouTube also allows you to go Live to your channel using RTMPS.


 You can go live directly to Twitter. Twitter is limited to a 720p stream.

Livestream (Paid)

To stream to Livestream you must have a Livestream Premium account. Livestream accounts are no longer available as they have been acquired by Vimeo. You can purchase Vimeo Premium accounts to go live to Vimeo here. (See Vimeo below for guidance on using Vimeo).

Vimeo (Paid)

To stream to Vimeo you must have a Vimeo Premium account, you can't stream to Vimeo using Vimeo Producer. To purchase a Vimeo Premium account you can go to Vimeo directly here

LinkedIn (Beta)

You must be part of the LinkedIn beta to stream to LinkedIn. You can apply for this on LinkedIn. These applications are reviewed and approved by LinkedIn.

Twitch (Free)

Twitch also allows you to stream directly using RTMPS.


You can go live to many destinations that allow RTMP/RTMPS connections. Each platform is different but once you have the source URL and key you can insert it in the broadcasting software like OBS, VMix, Wirecast, and Ecamm Live..

What are Doyes Cameras?

Doyes cameras are traditional-sized live event cameras which just focous on live streaming . These cameras helps busy consumers, organizations, and event producers seamlessly share the engaging stories of their live events by putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio in their hands.

Doyes cameras operates very easy such as working without vedio capture card just plug the USB but we still confirm we can run HD 1080P pictures bcs the powful Processor of Rockchip Rv1109 and Senser of SONY IMX307. This powerful integrated chips will let you know what is HD. We do not need the Drive softeware which has complex sets.Doyes' vision is to complete the live broadcast happily without complicated hardware and operations. Compared with traditional brand professional cameras, we are easier to operate. One computer, one camera, and one wireless lavalier microphone are enough for anyone to complete the extraordinary work alone. 's live stream. The dramatic zoom makes the live broadcast more interesting. We dubbed it the zoom monster. We are not only very fast when zooming, but the picture is basically clear, and the eyes can hardly catch the blurry feeling. This is the experience of the viewer during the live stream. is great. At the same time, the picture quality can also reach professional level; compared to ordinary webcams and mobile phones, due to the powerful computing power for images and camera movements on our powerful integrated chip, we will undoubtedly hang them, not to mention the advantages of remote control and powerful autofocus which they do not have or are not perfect.

Can I Switch Between Multiple Cameras?

You can connect your Doyes Camera to a computer running switching software like Streamlabs OBS, OBS, Wirecast, eCamm, vMix, and Livestream Studio using Webcam Mode.