What is Doyes Camera ?

Doyes cameras are traditional-sized live event cameras which just focous on live streaming . These cameras helps busy consumers, organizations, and event producers seamlessly share the engaging stories of their live events by putting the power and capabilities of a multi-camera production studio in their hands.

Doyes cameras operates very easy such as working without vedio capture card just plug the USB but we still confirm we can run HD 1080P pictures bcs the powful Processor of Rockchip Rv1109 and Senser of SONY IMX307. This powerful integrated chips will let you know what is HD. We do not need the Drive softeware which has complex sets.Doyes' vision is to complete the live broadcast happily without complicated hardware and operations. Compared with traditional brand professional cameras, we are easier to operate. One computer, one camera, and one wireless lavalier microphone are enough for anyone to complete the extraordinary work alone. 's live stream. The dramatic zoom makes the live broadcast more interesting. We dubbed it the zoom monster. We are not only very fast when zooming, but the picture is basically clear, and the eyes can hardly catch the blurry feeling. This is the experience of the viewer during the live stream. is great. At the same time, the picture quality can also reach professional level; compared to ordinary webcams and mobile phones, due to the powerful computing power for images and camera movements on our powerful integrated chip, we will undoubtedly hang them, not to mention the advantages of remote control and powerful autofocus which they do not have or are not perfect.