Brand Story

This is really a magical start !


Doyes brand was born from a very ridiculous online shopping experience by founder Adam. He carefully watched a brand's product video and thought the product was good, but was disappointed after purchasing it. It turned out that the video was 3D synthesized. So in this virtual online world, what is real?

Live streaming will be !

He bought the real from Amazon Live and Youtube live that the real happend in the live streaming event.He has been asking himself, Do I let more people know and understand the more real side of the virtual world, even just a little bit?

Yes I Do.

Doyestech born !


After being able to distinguish the reality of the online world, we ourselves must become that real person. After a year of market research and product development, we have developed two of the first cameras suitable for live broadcasts - DYT10Z/DYT20Z. These two cameras have built-in Sony imax 307 cmos sensor and ultra-large aperture optical zoom lens. This makes the quality of its static images far superior to that of most cameras in the market. Their main control computing power reaches 1T/s. Coupled with half a year of focus optimization, this makes their dynamic images very excellent. In the first year, we successfully attracted many sports live broadcast customers to use our cameras and received good feedback.


Three years after the COVID-19 epidemic, the market and economy have been cold. Although we are facing a very serious economic dilemma, we have continued to invest in research and development and have a deeper understanding of the live broadcast industry. In constant communication with customers, we have developed special hardware and software for the original products. Reflected in the functions are 360-degree infrared remote control to control the camera, freeze preset to replace multiple cameras with one camera, in-depth optimization of wireless lavalier microphone and live broadcast camera, etc.


The market is booming after the epidemic. We have received more demands from customers, focusing on practical live broadcast application scenarios such as churches, conferences, medical education, sports, and industrial production. We have developed 4k and 1080P PTZ cameras and controllers. Although our parts are purchased from all over the world, we deeply optimize the details of each product and sincerely listen to every criticism and suggestion from our customers. We are willing to follow Adam's original intention , let everyone in the online world have more trust and authenticity through live broadcast.

Looking to the future

The arrival of the AI ​​​​era has made the online world more and more unpredictable. Many years ago, PS pictures could be fake and real, so videos were produced. Now the videos generated by Sora can be almost indistinguishable from real ones. Cameras used to be the only vehicle to produce them, but now all you really see is a lot of OPENAI code.

Doyes has never forgotten its original intention. In order to allow everyone to connect with their true selves in this virtual online world, we will continue to invest in R&D and deeply integrate the needs of each scenario to make everyone's communication more real and full of trust.

What can we do ?

Knowledge and skill

Live streaming need enough knowledge and high skills, we will update every week and month to go further with you.


We are the central source for more than just great Live stream hardware and solution. We help you get the great skills , latest live stream platform info, and serve as advocates for better live broadcast paths and facilities in our area, too!


Every month we will chose one of our valued customers to enjoy our special gift.


We promise the safety about our products and customer information.

We keep moving forward......